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        • Features: The high bay brightness status follow as the daylighting.saving 50% energy than the conventional;Metal halide lamp, Sodium Light or HPS light;You can setting the lighting by remote control.Control switch,APP;
        • Features: The lamp is made of high quality material,with strong corrosion resistance,lowsurface temperature,high heat dissipation efficiency and long service life,use chip 3030 or5050,which quickly transfer heat from the light soure.
        • Features: Configuration intelligent 0-10V microwave sensor interface,Configuration emergency device module interface,Excellent surge protection reaching 10KV,Best heat dissipation design Dust-proof cover,150Lm/W LG LED Chip.
        • Features: Beautiful Self-design, LG/Lumileds LED Chip, MeanWell/Philips Driver, Fixture Efficiency Over 150LM/W, 90-305VAC, Perfect Heat Sink, Dust proof Cover, 100Watt-200Watt, 10KV Surge Protection, Power Filter.
        • Features: the radiator is not easy to accumulate dust, and the heat dissipation effect is better,The lens adopts Fresnel lens to reduce the glare of glare and make, nano-layer in the lampshade, increasing the light-emitting efficiency up to 92%;
        • Features: The lamp is made of high quality material, with strong corrosion resistance, low surface temperature, high heat dissipation efficiency and long service life,CREE 3030 chips,The whole lighting effect is up to 150lm/w, CRI>80.
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